Want help to stop mispronouncing words?

Want help to stop mispronouncing words?

Phonics based reading programs are very good for people who do not have a problem with the area of their brain that is used to encode and decode words using sound (the Broca's area).  If, however, you have a difficulty in this area you will struggle to remember the correct way to say a word and to manipulate sounds within words to emphasize meaning.   Trouble in this area will affect your reading, spelling and speech.  You may be diagnosed as having dyslexia or other learning problem.

Do you:

  • mispronounce words
  • avoid using words because you can't remember how to say them
  • have difficulty learning a foreign language
  • have flat and monotonous sounding speech
  • have difficulty blending and segmenting the sounds of words and/or
  • have difficulty in thinking and talking at the same time? 

How the Arrowsmith Program treats your phoniological difficulties:

The Broca's Speech Pronunciation exercise in the Arrowsmith Program strengthens this area of the brain and:

  • improves your capacity for hearing the sounds in words
  • your sound-symbol correspondence improves
  • your phonemic memory, necessary for the phonetic aspect of reading, develops
  • your ability to pronounce multi-syllabic words improves 
  • your ability to read with greater oral expression improves 

If hearing the sounds in words is a problem for you or someone you know:

for a no obligations chat about how the Arrowsmith Program can help young adults who have a difficulty with phonics based learning.