Help for young adults who have difficulty with maths

Help for young adults who have difficulty with maths

The Quantitative Sense allows us to perform mental maths.  If you have a difficulty in this area you will find it hard to remember maths facts, manipulate numbers in your head, and work out change.  A difficulty in this area will affect your ability to learn maths and science.  You may be diagnosed as having acalculia, dyscalculia, dyslexia or other learning problem.

Do you have:

  • difficulty remembering maths facts
  • difficulty calculating change
  • difficulty learning tables
  • a poor sense of time management
  • a poor sense of number and/or
  • a poor sense of space?

How the Arrowsmith Program helps treat problems with maths in young adults:

Doing this exercise will:

  • allow you to develop a sense of number, 
  • enable you to do mental maths
  • empower you to use time wisely 
  • give you an understanding of money and space.  

If the Quantitative Sense is a problem for you or someone you know:

for a no obligations chat about how the Arrowsmith Program can help resolve your problem with maths