Treatment for Perth Children who cannot read analogue clocks

Treatment for Perth Children who cannot read analogue clocks

The Symbol Relations cognitive area allows your child to understand the relationships between two or more ideas or concepts.  These skills are necessary for logical and mathematical reasoning as well as comprehension.  These abilities are used in all areas of the curriculum and throughout life.

At school, difficulties in the Symbol Relations area affects reading, vocabulary development, writing, maths, science, speech and social development. Your child may be diagnosed as having dyslexia or other learning problem.

Does your child have:

  • poor reading comprehension
  • trouble with mathematical and/or logical reasoning
  • difficulty connecting ideas
  • difficulty reading an analogue clock 
  • difficulties following a conversation
  • a problem with understanding cause and effect and/or  
  • younger and more severe students might have difficulty with letter reversals - writing p for q and b for d.  

How the Arrowsmith Program helps children with logical thinking problems

The Symbol Relations exercise in the Arrowsmith Program: 

  • develops your child's ability to read an analogue clock 
  • improves your child's capacity to understand relationships between concepts in maths, science and across all areas of the curriculum
  • develops your child's ability to comprehend what they are reading or hearing
  • develops your child's understanding of cause and effect

If Symbol Relations is a problem for your child or a child you know: 

for a no obligations chat about how the Arrowsmith Program can treat children in Perth so they learn to be more logical.