Does your child need some help to organise themselves?

Does your child need some help to organise themselves?

The Symbolic Thinking area of our brain allows children to develop and maintain plans and strategies through the use of language.  If  they have a problem in this area they will be disorganised, get distracted by unimportant aspects of a task, be unable to tell you what a story is about at an age appropriate level, and get confused in conversations.  A weakness in this cognitive area will affect their ability to read well, write well, do maths and science and speak fluently.  They may be diagnosed as having dyslexia or other learning problem.

Does your child have trouble:

  • identifying the meaning of words from the context
  • focusing their attention in language based tasks
  • prioritising information in the order of its importance
  • maintaining attention - they might get labelled as having a short attention span
  • making their own decisions, they might appear passive or easy going,
  • planning activities
  • starting a task
  • finishing the task
  • being organised
  • understanding what other people are talking about, and/or
  • understanding what they are reading

How does the Arrowsmith Program help disorganised children?

Doing this exercise will:

  • enable your child to improve their ability to grasp the main point of written or spoken material
  • enable your child to identify the main point in written and spoken material
  • develop your child's capacity to express ideas more clearly
  • develop your child's capacity to make decisions and be self directed, 
  • strengthen your child's capacity to have initiative and
  • enable your child to remain focused on tasks until completion.

If Symbolic Thinking is a problem for your child or a child you know:

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