Have you got dysgraphia?

Have you got dysgraphia?

The Motor Symbol Sequencing function allows you to learn and produce a written sequence of symbols.  If you have a problem in this area you will find it difficult to write without thinking about each letter.  Your hand may get very tired when you write and your spelling could be a problem.  If you have a weakness in this area it will cause you to have problems in reading, spelling, writing, maths, science and speech.  You may be diagnosed as having dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, acalculia or other learning problem.

Do you:

  • have messy handwriting, or 
  • have very neat handwriting that exhausts you
  • have irregular spelling
  • have difficulty in copying written material from a board  
  • make careless errors in maths and/or
  • have difficulty in keeping your place when reading.

How the Arrowsmith Program helps

The Motor Symbol Sequencing exercise in the Arrowsmith Program will treat your dysgraphia by:

  • improving your handwriting, making it neater, faster and more accurate.  
  • reducing the number of 'careless' errors you make 
  • improving your eye-hand co-ordination, 
  • improving your fine motor skills.  
  • speeding up your reading as you won't lose your place, words won't get skipped and the letters will stop seeming to move
  • improving your spelling
  • making your speech more precise and
  • allowing you to write more easily

If Motor Symbol Sequencing is a problem for you or someone you know:

for a no obligations chat about how the Arrowsmith Program can help resolve your dysgraphia