Do you forget how to read words you have seen before?

Do you forget how to read words you have seen before?

The Symbol Recognition area of the brain allows you to visually recognise and remember a word or symbol.  A problem in this area will cause you to forget what words, symbols and equations look like.  You might constantly forget your PIN or have to use the same one over and over again so you know you can remember it.  Having a weakness in this cognitive area will affect reading, spelling, maths and science.  You may be diagnosed as having dyslexia or other learning problem.

Do you:

  • forget previously known words
  • take a long time learning to read and spell words and/or
  • find it difficult to remember chemical and mathematical formulae

How the Arrowsmith Program helps:

Doing this exercise will:

  • improve your capacity to visually remember the words and symbols necessary for reading, spelling, science and mathematics.

If Symbol Recognition is a problem for you or someone you know:

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